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Spoilers for the Dangan Ronpa series behind the cut!


Player: Hana
Contact: [ profile] konimi
Age: 24
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Character: Sonia Nevermind
Age: It's not outright stated what her exact age is, but she's most likely in her early twenties.
Canon: Dangan Ronpa
Canon Point: End of DR3 anime

Background: DR Wiki Link


❝I am truly happy that someone has casually walked up to me to talk... This must be what it means to have classmates! I am very touched!❞

Refined, polite and elegant, Sonia is the picture perfect princess and is more than deserving of her title "Super High School Level Princess." Hailing from a small European nation known as "Novoselic", she embodies how a princess should act and command over a country. Sonia places her country above everything else, she has a deep love for her country and she shows great care and concern for her citizens. She'd do anything to set them on the right path. One of the things she tells Hinata is that "In my country, before I am a human being or a woman, I am, firstly, the princess." For Sonia, being a Princess for her people is of the utmost importance. She wouldn't even be scared to die if it was for the sake of her country.

Even though she has an immense love for her country, she still yearns the life of a normal, high school girl. Throughout her life, she didn't have many friends. It's more than likely she lived an incredibly lonely life and wanted to have friends that were her age. Studying in Japan and becoming a foreign exchange student was exciting for her. She got to attend a school, make new friends and for once, she didn't have to feel like a princess and got to live the life of a normal girl. (Even though Hope's Peak academy is anything but normal.) Sonia is easily happy with the simplest things like receiving "casual" greetings from her classmates and doing activities together as a class. What makes her heart absolutely soar, is feeling like she is part of the class, she wants nothing more than to have a everlasting friendship with the rest of her classmates. Although Sonia wants to feel like a normal girl, she still has an strong loyalty for her country. At the end of the day, she still prioritizes the happiness and growth of Novoselic more than herself.

Her politeness knows no bounds and she even goes as far as to call Monokuma, Monokuma-san. This is by far the most courteous acknowledgment that Monokuma's ever received in the series. Even the way she speaks is formal and fitting of a princess. In Trial two of the game, her overly polite nature got the better of her and because of it, everyone was able to speak up over her when she was trying to interject with a question about the case. Not only is she polite, she's friendly and despite being royalty, she's very approachable and it's easy to carry a conversation with her. Sonia is pleasant towards everyone, she always tries to make an effort to get to know people. After the first murder, she sets up a swimming party for all of the girls to strengthen their friendships. Even after Souda and Hinata crashed the party, she was still willing to let them join, despite that it was intended to be an all girl's party. Her kindhearted nature has also extended over to her country's traditions. In Novoselic, it's a tradition to consume an animal in the country known as the "Skong" in order to be considered an adult. Sonia has full intentions of banning this tradition when she becomes the ruler. She worries about endangering the species and plans to harness their energy, as a way to keep the tradition going without letting the species die.

There's a charismatic aura around Sonia, it's been said that a simple smile from her will instantly soothe others around her. While it's also noted by Hinata, when she's being commanding, people feel the urge to bow down to her. She has also been shown to be quite humble. When her classmate - Mahiru Koizumi argued that Sonia should be the leader of the group instead of Byakuya Togami, she politely declined. Sonia states that back home, she was merely a figurehead and she thought that Togami was the superior choice. She's confident in herself but she doesn't let that go to her head.

Despite her kindness and formalities, Sonia is no doormat. When the killing games begin, she makes it very clear that she has no intentions of getting killed, or killing anyone. This sticks with her and she becomes one of the survivors at the end of the game. If she disagrees with someone, she will state her opinion and will even go as far as to scold people in a commanding tone of voice. The one person that she doesn't extend her kindness towards is Kazuichi Souda. His behavior towards her creeps her out and she thinks of him as a stalker that won't leave her alone. She's usually trying to avoid him and ignores what he has to say, even if he's making a heart warming speech. He's also on the receiving end of her scoldings most of the time. Another thing that Sonia doesn't like is when people are straight up disrespectful towards each other, she's quick to step in and show her disapproval towards behavior like that. There have also been a few times where she's slipped into a string of swear words when she's extremely agitated.

Sonia has high academics and is skilled in a massive amount of subjects. She knows over thirty languages, has high level skills in politics, international law and medicine. She also knows quite a bit about military weaponry and is capable of defending herself. It's a tradition for elementary schools in Novoselic to learn how to use tanks and other military technology. Which was how she was able to figure out that the bomb that Komaeda had planted was a fake. Despite her skills and academics, it's painfully obvious that she's very sheltered. When Hinata first meets her, she was blissfully unaware that Hanamura was trying to make her do something suggestive. Usually any sort of innuendo goes straight over her head, although later on she does admit that she's not a virgin. (But there has been speculation on what exactly she meant by that claim.) Because of her life as a princess, it's more than likely that she's had maids and butlers do her work for her. During the first chapter when they were getting ready for a party set up by Togami, Sonia claims that she's never cleaned before. However, she is very enthusiastic to learn and seemed excited at the idea of helping out with common chores.

To say that she's odd is a definite understatement. Sonia is pretty strange and has quite a bit of interesting hobbies. A ton of this, is due to her country's odd quirks. Because let's face it, teaching elementary children how to use tanks is definitely not normal. There's also a animal that is only found in Novoselic called the "Makango" and it's a ritual for couples to raise one to impress their lover, or you have to fight them. It's pretty weird and confusing, to say the least. Japanese dramas are aired on televisions in Novoselic and it's seen as being trendy. Sonia herself is a huge fan of Japanese dramas, and Japanese culture in general excites her. Sonia mentions that back home, she made her chefs prepare her Japanese dishes. She come across as being a "otaku" due to her enthusiasm for Japan. Sonia also tends to make a bunch of obscure and weird references that no one seems to understand.

Some of her weirdest hobbies include her enthusiasm for serial killers and anything related to the occult. During Chapter two's trial, it was briefly shown that she was getting excited at the idea of Peko being the serial killer "Sparkling Justice", it's also because of her vast knowledge on the subject, that she was quickly able to figure out that Peko was not Sparkling Justice due to their different nationalities. When Sonia talks about her hobbies, she gets easily excited and becomes very invested when talking about the things she likes. For example, she's made the comment that her eyes light up whenever she watches the movie - "Friday the 13th". When Sonia talks about her hobbies, she gets easily excited. Her interest in the occult is most likely what drew her to Gundam Tanaka and how she was able to form a quirky friendship with him. She's very interested in his so-called "dark magic" and Gundam himself has even referred to her as the "Dark Queen". He's also claimed that she has a hidden dark power that's not yet awakened. Usually, Sonia will end up exploring the island with Gundam whenever a new section of the island opens up. She's also very attached to his hamsters and finds them to be adorable.

Her loyalty is unwavering, not only for her country but also for her friends. During the killing game, Sonia despises the idea of doubting everyone and it's hard for her to imagine her friends killing each other. She even went as far as to try and take the blame for Chiaki during the fifth trial. Whenever anyone talks bad about Gundam, she is quick to jump in and defend him. For Sonia, her friends are important to her and it's shown that she's very loyal to those whom she cares for.

However, despite the perfect princess that she is, she ends up getting brainwashed by Junko Enoshima and becomes a member of the "Remnants of Despair" along with the rest of her class. As a member of Ultimate Despair, Sonia and her class brought chaos everywhere they went and committed a countless number of terrible crimes. While the full details of what Sonia did aren't known, in the light novel - Dangan Ronpa: Togami, Sonia is featured as an antagonist. She was shown talking in a extremely crude tone and was running over people with armored cars. It's also because of her that Novoselic has completely fallen. It's implied that she ordered the destruction of her own country. Once the killing game on the island is over, Sonia moves forward with the rest of her class to atone for their crimes that they committed as remnants of despair. It was shown at the end of the anime, that Sonia was back to normal self before she got brainwashed. Sonia's come to terms with her horrible actions but that only fuels her determination to make amends for everything that her class have done.


While not exactly normal, Sonia is a human being. As a princess, she's gone through a lot of training in order to prepare her to become queen of her country. Among these skills, she knows how to speak over thirty languages, has a vast knowledge of politics, law and even medicine. At a young age, she was trained on military warfare and knows how to use a great number of weapons such as tanks, guns and bombs.

Going along with her title of being the "Super High School Level Princess", when commanding people, she uses an authoritative voice that makes people want to bow down to her.

Alignment: Daimonia. Due to previously being a member of the Remnants of Despair; Sonia deals with a lot of grief on her shoulders. She immensely regrets her actions and the part she played in bringing the world into despair. However, she does continue to look forward and has hope for the future. Normally, Sonia is a very cheerful and positive person. She finds joy in the simplest things and it doesn't take her much to make her happy or excited.

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